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Buckwheat soba noodles with chicken, broccoli and eggplant

Carbs used to be my mortal enemy.

That was until I started exercising, learned how to cook and began educating myself about what was actually healthy and good for my body. As I started cooking recipes drawn from different cuisines, chefs and Instagram accounts, I quickly discovered that when I fed myself real foods, I stayed satisfied for a longer period of time and my urge to snack on something sweet subsided. I didn’t have to count calories or measure out portion sizes. I could eat abundantly and not worry about my weight increasing with each morsel of food.

Some carbs that I’ve been gravitating towards of late are farro, millet and buckwheat soba. I love the different textures of each ingredient and how versatile they are, but most importantly, these carbs don’t make me bloat the way white rice, white bread, and white pasta do. I’ve been eating buckwheat soba almost once a week and wish I had rediscovered it sooner.

Head over to Winnie’s Balance for recipe details. You’ll notice that I didn’t follow her recipe exactly. Feel free to swap in season veggies sourced from your local farmer’s market or add your favorite protein to make this meal yours.


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