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Kettle Black, Melbourne, Australia. Healthy, organic, delicious food.

Real talk: I have a thing with flowers in my food.

If you were to scroll through the screenshots on my iPhone, the recurring theme is glaringly obvious. I love dishes that are plated like works of art.

Long before my husband and I decided to take a short trip to Melbourne, I had already started collecting names of restaurants and cafes I wanted to eat at down under. After scrolling through my saved Instagram posts, I knew we had to make a pitstop at The Kettle Black.

This hot cake is as mouthwatering delicious as it is gorgeous. It’s also pretty damn filling. I’d recommend splitting this and a lighter dish, like a savory salad or a chia pudding, with a friend. You won’t regret it.

The Kettle Black
50 Albert Road, South Melbourne

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