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Crunchy, colorful and healthy.

I love it when my meals have a combination of textures and flavors. I’ve noticed that I stay satisfied for a longer period of time and my urge to munch on chocolate or ice-cream isn’t as intense as when I eat something unsatisfying.

I was excited to try this recipe that I had saved in my Pocket but ended up disappointed for two reasons:

1. This recipe isn’t the quickest to pull together. There are days when you just don’t want to stand in the kitchen chopping up ingredients for longer than 5 mins.

2. The flavors didn’t come together in sweet harmony. For how much prep work was involved, you’d expect the dish to be a winner. Instead of mayonnaise, this “clean” coleslaw had a lemon, garlic, cumin dressing, which just didn’t cut it. I

Better luck next time!




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